Current Sermon Series

January 5-February 16:  Spiritual Bodybuilding

January 5th:  

Intro to Series:  What Are Spiritual Gifts? Gifts of the Heart:  Helps, Hospitality, and Mercy. 
Preacher: Pastor Darrin Vick
HisKids in Worship.

January 12:  

Gifts of the Heart: Faith and Giving.
Preacher: Pastor Angie Way

January 19th:

Gifts of Proclamation:  Evangelism and Teaching.  
Preacher: Kevin Sheldon, Pastoral Intern
Annual Meeting

January 26th:

Gifts of Proclamation: Discernment, Knowledge, Prophesy, and Wisdom.
Preacher: Pastor Darrin Vick

February 2:

Gifts of Action: Leadership and Administration.
Preacher: Dan Lugo, Contemporary Worship Leader
HisKids in Worship.

February 9:

Gifts of Action: Pastoring/Shepherding,  Encouragement/Counseling, and Apostleship.
Preacher: Pastor Angie Way

February 16th:

Gifts of Inspiration:  Healing, Miracles, Speaking in Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues, and Intercession. 
Preacher: Senior Pastor Darrin Vick

February 23: (Transfiguration Sunday)  Mission of Hope Sunday