Current Sermon Series

TRUST Issues 

God has given Community of Grace Lutheran Church the calling both to be and make disciples of Jesus. We’ll only grow in those callings if we’re solidly rooted in the love of God for us and in his love for the world!  

We can learn from stories of the Bible that whenever God calls his people to trust him, it’s because he wants to lead them into something bigger than they’d known before. But if we’re honest, trust - especially the kind of trust that it takes to have the courage to step into something new or unknown - isn’t easy for us. It takes truly knowing the good heart of the God who calls us to give us the courage to trust him with our lives! 

This fall, as we walk together through the stories of those who have gone before us in faith, we’ll take a look at what God can do for us and for the world when we allow our trust in the Lord to be greater than our trust issues.