Diaper Duty


Diaper Duty is a service project that helps provide a month's supply of diapers for the 60+ children and parents at the Family Service Center. It is a huge blessing for the families staying there and for the staff. This is how it works...

  • Administrative Assistant Linda Pickett will arrange the pick up of the gift cards to you during the first two weeks of the month. We use Target Gift Cards and will usually just have one for $250.  Sometimes we have extra gift cards from previous months that we will also include. 
  • You can buy any brand of diapers you prefer at Target, although the Target brand (Up & Up) diapers will provide the greatest value for the Family Service Center. Buy whatever number of boxes and sizes you are able to.
  • If you are buying more diapers than the amount on your cards, you will need to pay for the overage amount as a donation.
  • Please schedule your Diaper Drop-Off date with the Family Service Center, 2001 Van Dyke St., Maplewood, MN. Their phone number is (651) 647-2300.
  • Turn the gift card and receipt (even if you use it all up) into the Information Desk at the church. If there is money left on the cards, please write the amount on the card because they will be used the following month to purchase more boxes of diapers.