Heart of the Story

Jesus loves us so deeply that He refuses to let us remain as we are. His love transforms our lives into something beautiful, and He wants to do the same for you.
The “Heart of the Story” is an online resource to listen and tell stories - a library of narratives straight from the heart of our congregation. It goes far beyond just a library, however. This ministry is one step in an effort to further connect our family. Telling stories remarkably changes how we relate to people. They give us purpose and help us make sense of what’s around us. Humans are story-tellers by nature.
Knowing and sharing our story is a part of God’s plan to use every follower of Jesus to change the world. It's not just epic circumstances that make our stories powerful. We want to know and hear the heart of the everyone's story. Dramatic life-change or something as simple as the impact of a moment in time.