Lake Elmo's Ox and Crow Coffee ( is headed up by husband and wife dynamic duo Mara and Bruce. They are fun, loving, savvy, and fantastic at roasting delicious coffee. Hear the story of how Ox and Crow began, where it is now, and their hearts for the farmers around the world who work so hard to provide us great coffee. Also, check out a bonus nerdy coffee conversation on our YouTube addressing the difference in roasts, waves, and more!

Living Hope

The realities of 2020 have left many of us frustrated, hopeless, and anxious for the year to be over. But Advent calls us from frustration to expectation as we await the arrival of Jesus who is the hope of the world!

After Jesus, God's #1 representative on earth is the Church. What are some ways the church can represent God well? And is being part of a local church actually that important?

The Three Marys

In the Gospels, three Marys represent Jesus' kingdom: Mary Mother says "Do what he says", Mary of Bethany calls us to worship boldly, Mary Magdalene calls us to tell your story- "I have seen the Lord!". How is the Lord calling you to represent him in your life today?

Grace Johnson introduces us to house churches, fancy scripture reading, and more. Bonus content for this episode also available on our YouTube channel.

Moses the Reluctant Liberator

In the midst of enslavement in Egypt, Moses was called to be the spokesman to God's people of God's liberation, leading, and feeding. And to point to the one who would be the ultimate liberator, guide, and shepherd of all.

Jesus, Politics, and Religion

Jesus Christ was born into a polarized and divided time of human history. Much like today, the various "parties" claimed they represented God in their desire to wield earthly power. But Jesus resisted that temptation in order to reveal God's love to a broken world.

Today, we’re discussing houses and homes with someone who truly loves White Bear Lake, Joy Erickson of Edina Realty. We’ll also speak with Grace Johnson from local Master’s Institute Seminary about house churches.

David: After God's Own Heart

God chose David to represent him because he was a 'man after God's own heart'. He displayed this best in his willingness to let God re-form him when he got off track. We who are 'after God's own heart' must also be willing to let him 're-form' us daily, to help us look like Jesus.

Esther: Stand in the Gap

As Esther is called to represent her people before the king, asking for his mercy, so Jesus stands in the gap for all broken humanity. How might he be calling us as his people, to represent God's love, remembering our common humanity and our common need for grace?

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Going Deeper

Going Deeper

Apr 22, 2018

Passage: Luke 18:13-14

Preacher: Angie Way

Series: According to Luke

Category: Prayer


Throughout the Bible, how people pray and God's responses to those prayers take many forms. How does God want to speak to you today? How do we listen?