The Cost of the Kingdom

What can you do to inherit eternal life? What can you pay to enter the Kingdom of God? Jesus provides an uncomfortable answer to these questions.

For the Love

In Mark 5 Jesus responds to the needs of two very different people. In both situations, Jesus' response teaches us a lot about the kind of love God has for us, encouraging us to dare to ask, and reach for his grace, as we trust him for the ultimate gift of a life restored in him, now and forever.

Kingdom Authority

Who are the kinds of people Jesus uses to advance his Kingdom? The answer might surprise you.

The Secret of the Kingdom

Jesus often taught with parables that could be confusing to understand for his listeners. Are we any better at listening and understanding today? What's the secret?

New Garments, New Wine

In this series of stories from Mark 2 Jesus' reactions are surprising, sometimes even the opposite of what the Pharisees expect. What preconceived notions do you need to let go of, in order to make space for Jesus to work in surprising new ways in your life?

The Kingdom Comes

The first words of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark are about the Kingdom of God coming near. How are those words true for you today?

Prayer for the New Year

As we learn from the example of Jesus in Mark 1, we pray that God's will would also be done in us, in the ministry of this new year as we follow him.

All is Bright


The Beginning of the Good News

Advent is a season all about preparing, but our Christmas preparations can actually lead us away from, not toward what our hearts need! While Christmas preparations often involve covering over what we consider broken, Advent preparations involve getting real about them with God, and looking to his promise to meet us in our need. In this bad news world, the good news Jesus brings is only beginning.

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