In Matthew 3 John the Baptist calls us to a washing, to repent of the ‘gunk’ that keeps us from seeing what the Lord has come to do in us. But Jesus moves us into a whole new kind of baptism- one not about what we’ve done, but about what he does! Being Baptized in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit, we receive adoption into his saving work on our behalf! As we live in a world of gunk we find our Glory is in his grace alone!

Our summer series begins as we seek to encounter Jesus the Messiah in the Gospel according to Matthew. But how can we be sure that Jesus really is the Messiah? Join us as we start our journey together.

When we know we've been seen by God, seeing his heart in Jesus' sacrificial love, we are Spirit sent, in unique ways, to help others know they are seen, and see him too!

"Here" Ministries

Today staff leaders of our different forms of "Here" ministries share how they have seen "Grace in Every Corner" of these ministries that nurture the growth of disciples. Might God be calling you to lend your gifts to bless one of these 'corners' of his kingdom work?

Executive Director Mike Greenbaum and Community Transportation Coordinator Scott Olson from Newtrax in White Bear Lake, MN fill us in on the history of the organization, pivoting during a pandemic, and the future.

Sufficient Grace

As we celebrate the gift of mothering, we must acknowledge the increasing need for grace to be present in our households. What does the grace of Jesus look like inside the four walls of our home and how does this grace advance God's Kingdom in the world?

In Jesus' Hands

How does Jesus want to bless our neighborhoods? It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the need we see around us, but when we simply offer Jesus what we have, he will use us to bless those in our own 'corner' of the world.

My Brothers and Sisters

If we hope to see grace in every corner of our community, we must start seeing our community through the eyes of Jesus. In fact, Jesus tells us that when we see others, we should serve them as if we were seeing and serving Jesus, himself.

Sowing Seeds

What did it mean when Jesus told his disciples to pray for God’s kingdom to come and God’s will to be done, “on earth as it is in heaven?” It means every one of us has a part to play in advancing God’s will in the world and it is up to us to discover what corner of the world he is calling us to. We each have an area of influence in our community – at work, at home, in our neighborhood, in our school – where God has purposely placed us. Join us as we discover what it means to “cover our corner” with Jesus’ amazing grace!

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