partnership schools

Magnuson Christian School

We have enjoyed a vibrant relationship with Magnuson Christian School (MCS) since the school’s beginnings in 2004. The school was named after one of our beloved pastors, Pastor Norman Isadore Magnuson, who was the senior pastor of our church from 1953-1986. Today, CGLC remains committed to the vision of seeing the halls of the church building filled with kids, both Sunday morning and throughout the week.

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Lake Area Discovery Center

Our pre-school site opened in 2003 and became the second site to partner with Lake Area Discovery Center (LADC). The site has continued to grow over time and is currently the largest site in the program. LADC seeks to support parents and children through a creative environment that promotes and teaches Christian values, honors diversity, and fosters fellowship within the total community.

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The Master's Institute

The Master’s Institute (MI) is an independent, evangelical Lutheran seminary helping to develop the next generation of church leaders. M.I. moved into our building in the summer of 2014. 

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