What Are the Rules

We continue on in 1 Peter, moving from "Road Games," to "What Are the Rules?" Do you know the rules of following Jesus? What if they're not as cut and dry as you thought? That could be daunting. It could also be good news.

Road Games

What does it mean to live in a culture where Christian faith is no longer the dominant worldview? Peter gives us insight in his letter to "the exiles" on how to live out a vibrant faith in a broken and complex world

Based on 1 Corinthians 15:20-26, 51-57 and John 10:1-10, we see that Jesus conquered death and promised us a resurrected life as he has. Jesus brings us this resurrected life as part of his promise of abundant life. He guarantees this by sending his Holy Spirit to us so that he can work in and through us. What are some ways that we can open up to God’s indwelling spirit? How are you currently living life? What would it be like to live life to the fullest?

Is Love That Important?

We write about it, sing about it, long for it, and pray for it. But is it really that important? And if so, why?

Who is Next

The entire biblical narrative is filled with examples of one leader calling-out the next leader and then equipping them to lead the next generation. It is vital for the Church to continue this work today. So who called you out and who are you calling out for the future?

Agree on Everything: Agreed?

The Apostle Paul pleads with the Corinthian church to be in agreement in all that they do. But does he really mean everything? Not quite! Being unified in Christ brings us closer together to join in God's mission thanks to Jesus' saving grace and forgiveness in our lives!

The Prevailing Church

The Apostle Paul took the mission of God seriously. In his first letter to the church he planted in Thessalonica, Paul encourages them to continue to actively follow Jesus in faith, hope, and love in the midst of a culture that was, at best, unaware of Jesus, and, at worst, hostile to the Gospel. How do we continue to persevere in faith, hope, and love, as followers of Jesus in a hostile world?

The Kingdom Awaits

After Jesus' resurrection, he appeared to his disciples and "spoke about the kingdom of God" through the power of the Holy Spirit. But the disciples continued to be confused about the nature of this kingdom and their role in proclaiming it. How do we live as ambassadors of God's Kingdom in a world that is constantly grasping for power? We wait for the Holy Spirit and we walk in the way of Jesus.

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